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Welcome to my new tutorial page!

I have been teaching now for over ten years. I love to inspire and connect people with the love of making and particularly, the love of felting.

Its been a difficult year for everyone and I want to take the opportunity to deliver a personal workshop by way of an easy step-by-step tutorial for making a seascape similar to the ones I make. These are extremely popular in my face-to-face workshops, so much so, I developed this kit some three years ago and have sold many and have seen some amazing results sent to me from my customers! Now you can connect with the workshop directly by purchasing the tutorial here.

The kit and the tutorial have been designed for the beginner and people with some experience of the felting process. The kit has its own  instruction leaflet but the addition of the tutorial is valuable for those that learn step-by-step through workshops. 

Materials List

You do not need to purchase the kit if you already have some felting materials, but my kits contain all you will need without buying them in larger quantities.

If you decide not to purchase the kit and have supplies already, here’s what you will need:

  • white merino fibre or white pre-felt for the base
  • a selection of merino fibre in shades of sea blues and oranges
  • mulberry silks or viscose in similar colours
  • nepps (small solid balls of fibre)
  • one piece of bubble wrap about 18 x 18 inches to lay your picture out on
  • a felting tool (palm washboard) or a smaller piece of bubble wrap to use as a rubbing tool
  • soap and warm water
  • a pool noodle, rolling pin or similar for rolling the felt

This is a fun project, it can be laid out and left for several days for you to return to, even if you get to the wetting stage it can be covered with bubble wrap and left. There is no rush, take your time and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the creation of a calming seascape.

Was excited to receive my tutorial and watched it this morning whilst relaxing in bed with a cuppa and cats! Well presented, informative and I liked the way it is split into easy to watch, bite sized pieces, allowing time for detailed instructions and visual learning. I have been trying to teach myself felting , but this tutorial has given me so many pointers and techniques that I could never have found myself and also allowed me to see where I have gone wrong or made errors in my interpretation of the process. The added bonus was a very therapeutic start to my morning and the cats seemed to enjoy it too! Would highly recommend and can’t wait to go practice!
Susan x

Online Bonus – free motion stitching

The tutorial has a bonus finishing section showing in depth details of how I free motion stitch to enhance the textures, create form and texture and then frame my picture.

Not everyone wants to overstitch, some people have wanted to simply leave as a flat felt picture for use as a cushion cover, sketchbook/journal cover and many other uses.

For those purchasing the tutorial, there is a dedicated section for the sought after process of finishing your piece by free motion embroidery. This is the part which many people find potentially problematic and my tutorial explains in great detail how to be confident in free motion embroidery and an explanation of the sewing machine properties including machine settings and stitch settings.

“So much information in the videos (the finer details) which as a newby to felting you miss reading from instructions, and you can rewatch it over and over again. I can see where we need to improve on the felting from when we did the original seascape.”
thank you again xxx

Order Now

To buy the tutorial, kit or both together, please use the form below to order and I will get back to you with details of how to pay.

What option would you like to buy?

Once I have received your payment, I will complete your order by post (if your order includes the kit) and/or by email (if your order includes the online tutorial).

You can of course email me to ask any questions prior to purchasing the tutorial and during using it or after you have purchased too!

I know you will enjoy the tutorial and perhaps use it for future projects if you want to create any wet felted pictures and make a land/seascape of your own design.

Shall we get started?

Thank you


Linda x

“I’ve watched the tutorial and ordered the kit! I’m so impressed, the tutorial was really informative and easy to understand, the hints will come in really handy, thank you so much! So far it’s a big thumbs up from me.” 
Claire x

All workshop content, digital or printed, is copyrighted material and cannot be copied, reproduced or otherwise distributed.

Comments & Reviews

I’d love to hear your feedback if you’ve purchased the tutorial or kit, please use the form below to leave me a comment or review – thanks! x


  1. Brigitte Dimock

    Is there lifelong access to the course?

    • Linda Irving

      Yes there is! Sorry for delay in replying, thank you, Linda.


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