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This is one of my new larger Frugs -my felt making take on the traditional wooden ‘Trug’ hence my new name ‘Frug’!

A trug is a vessel traditionally made from wood, its history derived from the word ‘Trog’ being an Anglo Saxon word for wooden vessel. They were used for measuring grain and feed but today can be used for collecting flowers and garden produce or any other purpose, what would you use a felt one for? 

I have wet felted this by hand from bergschaf wool which is a fleece from a very hardy mountain sheep. Its properties allow for a sturdy structure and it maintains a good shape when wet felted and sculpted. They take hours each to construct and finish and are a labour of love! They are great fun to make and I can make to order in different colours. Please email me to discuss your requirements.

I have finished this with handmade ceramic buttons. Size approx 14 inch long x 6 inch high x 10 inch across

Before Autumn £75 plus UK pp

PP is £8 UK mainland, please enquire rest of the world.

Please email me for further details and how to arrange purchase.

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