The making of Hedgerow Collection greeting cards/miniature felt paintings that can be framed.

From initially laying out the long strips of prefelt, I selected the colours I wanted to use to reflect our stunning hedgerows at different times of the day on the Mull of Galloway. I used merino fibres and some nepps, added art yarns and silks and some dyed bluefaced leicester locks and some banana fibres, yes banana fibres, processed and dyed by my supplier!

After wet felting out I dried and cut each strip into smaller pieces, I then cut the corners to a rounded shape so that I could stitch the edges.

Once they were finished I then chose various coloured threads to free stitch detail into each one. All the stitching you see is freehand and not pre-programmed. Yes, I do stitch my fingers at times but to get the tight control over the movement of the felted pieces, I need to hold it very close to the needle. Free stitching is all about moving your piece because the feed dogs are dropped and if the machine was left to run, it would not move the item being stitched, you have to do that! 

The pieces are backed with an iron on stiffener – vylene- to aid smooth running on the machine plate.

On 2 sets I have hand stitched some french knots for additional detail. 

Here are the three designs; HEDGEROW, SUNSET HEDGEROW and DUSK HEDGEROW

These are sold as packs of 4 for £24 incl postage – please enquire postage rates for rest of the world.

I have 6 sets of these one-off designs and, in each pack you will get one of each of the three designs plus a duplicate of one!

Please email me for further details

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