Gorse Breeze and Early Evening are two wet felted paintings I have had in process since Wednesday this week.

They are both now finished and framed.

They are both constructed from wet felted merino fibres, some hand dyed and variagated with some addition of silks through the fibres, hand dyed by Glenda Waterworth. Superb colour mixes that lend themselves to the stunning colours we find here on the Mull of Galloway.Glenda dyed to my exact gorse colour specification! https://www.quirkypaintbrush.com

Starting off by laying out the skyline, I then worked down the image to lay on some blue faced Leicester locks, some teeswater locks, nepps and various merino fibres, I was fortunate enough to look through the studio doors to capture the image in reality. I enjoyed the changing light and in the smaller painting, Early Evening, I was able to capture the shards of light that flickered across the undulating field as the sun started setting and the sea darkened showing me its glorious purple shades.

In the larger painting Gorse Breeze I was aiming to capture the layers of hedgerows, gorse bushes and the various shades of shrubs behind the gorse with the density of rich green foilage in the breeze. 

Once I had felted these out, I was able to back them and free stitch using various coloured threads. I had an argument with the machine but finally it succumbed when I offered it some oil! Finishing and framing has taken most of today!

Early Evening 8 x 8 inches framed in white £48 plus £3.50 pp to UK please request prices for rest of world

Gorse Breeze 12.5 inch square framed in white £98 plus £6.50 pp UK please request prices for rest of world

Please email me for further details.

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