Spring Fling 2020

On the eve of would have been our exciting set-up day for this weekends event, Blue Route O1 and 02 entries in the Spring Fling brochure, myself and Jane Fraser would have been plotting and planning how to best set up and show you our work! We had demonstrations of woodturning, pyrography (drawing with a hot wire onto wood), felt making by hand and machine (the Gentle Roller) and lots of safe hands- on experiences for our visitors! Alas, Covid19 put all this on hold. We now have Spring Fling At Home #SFatHome. We had worked out the best way for you to enjoy the amazing stunning and beautiful setting we have here on the Mull of Galloway by setting out chairs and tables for you to eat cake and drink tea soaking in all the atmosphere. We were working alongside the lovely Glenda Waterworth in Drummore, 03 entry in the brochure to bring you the delights of the only three artists participating in our region, The Rhins of Galloway this year.

So, today I set out some work of Jane’s (already in my Gallery – The Mull of Gallery) and some of my work to photograph against the Mull scenery and the Isle of Man in the distance. Then the mist fell, just like Covid! We keep trying and we keep making and we will be here when its safe to visit! We look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Please contact either Jane or myself for further details of our work and watch out for more posts over the weekend of individual pieces of our art and art practices.

www.janefraserstudio.com  or   Jane Fraser Studio on Facebook

lindairving.co.uk/gallery  or Linda Irving Felt Artist on Facebook

#SFatHome #SpringFling #SF2020

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