Nuno felted tunic – part 3


During Spring Fling At Home week I am sharing an experimental piece which is intended to be a reversible tunic! Very ‘bo-ho’ in style it has the most amazing colours and my style of free stitching (never in a straight line!) really adds to the uniquness of the piece. 

Once I pinned this together, I decided not to cut the top shoulder pieces into a strap, or vest top shape. I realised that I could mould this into a cap sleeve. 

Today I finished free stitching into the front panel, then after pinning it I tacked it together using strong thread. As you can see from the pictures above (excuse the lockdown hair!) (and the unstitched arm) the length of the tunic is just the length I envisaged, the back of the tunic drapes a lot lower. I am almost at the pont of now wetting and soaping it out again to mould to the shape I require. This may not happen this week because of other committments but I will post the finished tunic here in the future!

It may take up to four working days 32-50 hours to complete a garment like this, I made this for fun, for research, for myself and to share with you. I hope you have liked the journey so far! I certainly have but for now, back to creating sea and landscapes of the stunning Mull of Galloway!




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