Tunic part 2!

During the Spring Fling At Home week I am sharing an ongoing project I’m expreimenting with! Yesterday I nuno felted some pre painted silk which is on the previous blog post and today I dipped into my archives of silk to find some rather lovely offcuts of Libert printed silks. A lovely friend also gifted me these years ago and I have very few left! It is much thinner silk and therefore felts very well and easily. It also drapes better being thinner but patchworking nuno silk is tricky as you have to watch for holes appearing. It is to be the reverse side to yesterdays piece so I chose the same colours of fibre.

As you can see from some of the photos above I patchwork laid the silk then covered it in the jade and red fibres placing mulberry silks on the top surface before felting out. The effect on both sides is stunning and its going to be tricky to decide which side to use as the outer of the garment but Ive had an idea to make a ‘bo-ho’ reversible tunic! Worn with a tee shirt underneath I am to be able to wear it with a choice of four different ‘fronts’. Economy indeed!

The last photo is of yesterdays piece with some hapazard free-stitching as I want to create something that is a wearble art piece. I traced round some of the holes in the fibre that expose the painted habitai silks. I may add to it yet!

Tomorrow I will show how things are progressing and if my finger heals enough after stitching through it (!!) I will be back on the machine to make the finished garment.


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