During this Spring Fling At Home week I am aiming to share daily work from my studio!

Today, I am upcycling some silk kindly gifted to me by a friend. Nuno in Japanese means cloth and to nuno felt means to bond loose wool fibres onto fabric, such as silk, creating a light wearable fabric. Not for the feint-hearted as its rolled 1500 times and then fulled! This piece alone has taken 5 hours.

These pieces of silk have been painted some years ago and I am breathing life into them with some merino fibres and mulberry silks.

This is a front panel, still wet, but I intend to free stitch into it and then make a piece for the back. It will eventually be a tunic which will be light, warm and reversible!

The colours are rich deep reds and deep jade sea-themed colours. Wearable art indeed! I hope to bring you more tomorrow when I have stitched a design into it….

#SF2020  #SFatHome

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