I have divided my work into three categories, the main category is Felt Art which contains many land and seascapes, views of Dumfries and Galloway and explorations of subjects and places I find inspiring.

I have a section for Felt Garments for wearable art such as scarves and tunics. Again these are based on a response to and inspired by the colours and textures of the land and sea.

Felt Accessories is where you will find items such as vessels felting kits again inspired by my surroundings here in the Mull of Galloway.

Please browse the full gallery below or select an individual gallery to see specific items.

Please contact me for information on COMMISSIONS – I am able to recreate and make an artistic response to a subject of your choice. Price on application

Commission for Paula from Derbyshire of her Granny’s favourite jug.  September 2018

All Gallery Items

Greeting Cards

Felted cards, needlefelted, wet felted and machine stitched then beaded! Seven rock pools and 2 seascapes and one blue heart! £6 each card size 6”...

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This piece was made last year and bought by a lovely gentleman for his beautiful wife to celebrate a special occasion! It’s approx 2ft square and wet felted with over stitching. I really loved making...

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Flying Santa

This ‘Flying Santa’ is a festive sculpture created over the course of 24 hours (in stages!) labour! The lovely Jeannette Hadley made Santa himself to my spec to balance on the basket of the balloon! The balloon itself is made of berschaffe fibre, a courser more...

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Had a wonderful commission from Alex for a scene of the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse with a cheeky mole peeking out of the wild flowers! I loved the challenge of making and sewing the detail into this, it had a lovely story behind it and is to be a gift for a friend of...

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Flanders Field

SOLD  and off to France! Flanders Field - wet felted, free stitched and hand embroidered size 11 x 8 inch framed £68 plus...

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Seasonal Cards

Seasonal printed cards - ‘Remember’ from the original felted picture shown in photo. £3 each or 4 for £10 plus...

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Seasonal cards

Seasonal printed cards - ‘Very Autumn Berry’ from the original felted picture shown in photo. £3 each or 4 for £10 plus...

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SOLD. 2.11.18 'Peace' - wet felted, free stitched and beaded size 8 inch square- £58 plus £6 UK...

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‘Remember’ - wet felted, free stitched and beaded, size 8 inch framed £58 plus UK pp @...

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Tranquil Sea

‘Tranquil Sea’ - wet felted and embellished with free stitching, size 12.5 inch framed - £145 plus UK pp by Linda Irving Felt...

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Lochinch Castle Charity Christmas Fair

Lochinch Castle Charity Christmas Fair9th & 10th NovemberLochinch Castle! A beautiful setting,  I will have felt art and some Christmas gift ideas for those creatives in your life! Look at my new wet felting...

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Very Autumn Berry

‘Very Autumn Berry- wet felted and free stitched with added mulberry silks this piece was inspired by the beautiful hedgerows of Lincolnshire. Size approx 14 inch framed - £145 plus uk...

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Seascape – Workshop in a Box

‘Seascape’ - ‘Workshop in a Box’ £30 plus pp. Create a lovely seascape, fibre, silks, nepps and yarn, bubble wrap and netting and step by step instructions inside the gorgeous blue box lid. Just add soap, water and creativity when embellishing with stitching! For aged...

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Commissioned Wedding Favours

Specially designed wedding favours - flower brooches for ladies and leaves for the men. Used as place settings. Wet felted with additional silks, hand stitching and finished with gold beads. Any colour theme to suit your wedding - price on...

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Poinsettia Jewellery Bowl

SOLD 31.10.18Looking for a special Christmas gift, hand felted jewellery bowl in red with added mulberry silks and flower lid (attached) Poinsettia - which has been free stitched with detail and beaded. Size approx7” diameter £54 plus UK...

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Sculpted Felt bowl

Sculpted Felt bowl using pieces of drystone walking embedded to create texture, embellished with beading and silk size 8” diameter £45 plus UK...

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Westerly Mull View

‘Westerly Mull View’- wet felted and free stitched embellished seascape, framed size 11 inch square, £65 plus UK...

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‘Sunflower’ - wet felted and embellished with free stitching size framed 11 x 11 inch £68 plus UK pp

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